Did you know seafood is a great immune booster?

One of the great things about seafood is that it is high in protein. Essential for the growth and repair of every single cell in our bodies, protein is an absolute powerhouse!

The power of protein in seafood

Protein plays a part in almost every aspect of your day, it helps you get up in the morning, keeps your muscles strong to get around and keeps you fuller for longer than food high in fat or carbohydrates.

It’s used to make enzymes and hormones, and forms antibodies that help prevent infection and illness. It’s also a vital component of our cartilage, blood, skin, hair and nails. Pretty impressive stuff.

Although you can find protein in loads of foods, including meat, dairy and nuts and seeds, seafood is both packed with protein and is low fat and tasty, so it’s a perfect part of a balanced diet.

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