The best tilapia joints in Accra

Tilapia is a local delicacy in Ghana. It is farmed locally in rivers and ponds and sold in traditional markets on a daily basis. The sales of tilapia as compared to other fish products has created many jobs for women. These women sell tilapia fresh from styrofoam boxes on the streets and in market places.

Tilapia is either grilled or cooked in a soup call the fresh tilapia soup. People in Ghana love grilled tilapia with pepper sauce and banku. There are many small, medium to large scale tilapia joints in Accra. Do you want the best tilapia joints in Accra.

Read on, lets show you.

  1. Food Garage: It is a restaurant located in East Legon near the AnC mall. The serve one of the best grilled tilapia and banku in the neighbourhood. All you have to do is to sit in their bus or on one of their fancy vehicle concepts stools and enjoy this delicacy on a hot afternoon.
  2. Phillipo’s tilapia: OOOoossshhhh! This eatery makes a big deal of grilled tilapia and banku. That is their forte. If you want huge tilapia that could serve 3, go to Phillipo’s. They are located in East Legon and the UPSA road.
  3. Happiness Attieke: The francophones especially Ivorians love grilled tilapia with Attieke (a cassava based meal). They grill and also fry tilapia, so any variety you want will work your freshly made attieke. They do deliveries as well.
  4. Mazera Restaurant: Mazera restaurant in Osu is a hub for grills, and every hub for grill in Accra definitely has tilapia. They supply corporate organisations with grilled tilapia for lunch. If you are looking for a restaurant to grace your events and serve freshly grilled tilapia with banku. Choose Mazera Restaurant. You’ll thank me later.
  5. Mama Glorias Tilapia: As mentioned there are many many small and medium scale tilapia joints in Accra. Mama Gloria’s is one of such. Located in lapaz, her tilapia serves the entire neighbourhood and it is very affordable.

Now if you are looking for fresh tilapia to grill at home, you know where to look, it is Oceansmall Seafood. The tilapia is already spiced, all you need to do is add salt and grill.

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